A Closer Look
Getting in close to everyday objects for a different perspective. 
A picture is worth a thousand words because each individual viewer derives a different meaning or feeling that strikes a cord within.
Immortalizing a person's essence with a click. 
Blemished and Beautiful
Strength. Resilience. Patience. Endurance​​​​​​​
No matter how big or how small, every scar or mark left on the human body has a story behind it. We all have them; each of our scars are our own, our unique patterns that only we know and contain. Popular culture puts more emphasis on portraying perfection or the "ideal" body. It’s no wonder so many people feel self-conscious about their imperfections. Scars remind us of past journeys, as well as our weaknesses and strengths, successes and failures and lessons we've learned. They tell our story. Blemished and Beautiful is a collection of photos that come together to celebrate strength, resilience, patience, and endurance. People should be proud of their scars. They bare the evidence of time while portraying the tension and unity between beauty and pain.
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